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Rape Prevention Education (RPE)

INCASA’s Statewide Primary Prevention Efforts

  • INCASA is a leading member of the Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Council (SVPPC), administered by the Indiana State Department of Health’s (ISDH) in the Office of Women’s Health Department. The SVPPC, charged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is an interdisciplinary council that will create a State Plan to Prevent Sexual Violence in Indiana.
  • ISDH in partnership with PeopleWork Associates, local health departments, and service providers across the state completed a series of ten public forums in November and December of 2008, gathering information and input from the local level that will serve as a baseline for the needs and resources assessment for the state plan.
  • Attendees at the public forums came together to converse about the root causes of sexual violence and brainstorm ideas for solutions and the prevention of it.
  • Meeting locations in Indiana included: Fort Wayne, Elkhart, Bloomington, Lawrenceburg, Greencastle, Evansville, Lafayette, Muncie, Danville and Gary.
  • INCASA authored the first state victimization survey in 2008 which will guide the quantitative data for the State Plan.
  • INCASA serves as an administrative pass through to community organizations that are funded through the Rape Prevention Education (RPE) grant to do primary prevention.
  • INCASA provides training, technical assistance (TA) and administrative support to funded programs and communities throughout the state.
  • Educate stakeholders, service providers, community educators, youth workers, professionals working on behalf of victims of violence, interested parties on the definition and concept of Primary Prevention practices.
  • Provide tools to implement a community wide approach to preventing sexual violence under a primary prevention model.
  • Share evidence based strategies and existing tools to practice primary prevention within the social ecological model of change.
  • Highlight effective national and statewide efforts
  • INCASA continues to lead the statewide social media campaign in an effort to raise awareness of sexual violence.
  • Special media tools have been developed to address underserved and vulnerable populations such as individuals with disabilities and those who are elderly.
  • A year long awareness campaign is distributed statewide to assist communities with the integration of sexual assault awareness activities into diverse venues and other awareness efforts.
  • INCASA is the state partner with the CDC for the national initiative to prevent teen dating violence, Choose Respect:
  • State partners are provided with TA by the CDC on utilizing new materials.
  • INCASA created and have facilitated three Back to School, Youth Rallies to Pledge Against Violence. This rally is recognized nationally as a best practice in community wide prevention efforts.
    • Over 20 youth serving organizations that offer positive support to young people come together and engage youth and their families in activities and share information about resources and services available.
  • INCASA piloted new materials for the Choose Respect Playbook that will be released in Spring 2009.
  • INCASA will be listed as the TA support for organizations or individuals in Indiana who are interested in becoming Choose Respect communities.
  • Fever for Respect-A partnership with the Indiana Fever – Year long Choose Respect Healthy Relationships program at Christel House Academy offered to the sixth grade students.
  • INCASA houses an interdisciplinary Prevention Advisory Council (PAC) who are developing new, evidence based training focused on primary prevention with an activity tool kit for young people ages 5-8. The program is titled, Listen to Me.
  • Members represent various communities: faith-based, disability, youth serving organizations, school systems, healthcare and nursing, public health, victim advocacy, child psychologists, and community educators.
  • INCASA continues to lead sexual violence prevention efforts in partnership with the United States Department of Defense, assessing intervention and prevention strategies within the U.S. Military Services.
  • INCASA is present at international, national and statewide conferences, schools, and organization-wide staff development training, facilitating workshops on healthy relationships, child sexual abuse and rape prevention with audiences ranging from young people, to professionals, to the general community.
  • INCASA is the author of a five year plan to prevent sexual violence in Indiana which is available here.
  • INCASA organizes an annual statewide sexual violence conference with a special track for primary prevention.

Indiana State Plan

Stakeholders in Primary Prevention


RPE Application

For more information about sexual violence prevention efforts in Indiana or to get involved contact INCASA’s Kristen Pulice at (317) 423-0233 x13 or by email at

Year-long Awareness Campaign

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