Creative Interior design ideasCreative Ideas for Designing Interior Spaces

Whether you live in a small or large-sized apartment, there is so much that you can do with the available space. There are no set rules on how one should design an interior space; it all depend on preferences such as tastes, style, creativity, trends, budget and much more. The key to success in designing some of the best interior spaces is being creative with the available space and resources. For example; if you only have a small space available, try designing the interior of space-saving furniture rather than pieces of furniture that require free-stand spaces. Here are some ideas to help you create the best of interior spaces.

Most of the spaces in a home will certainly be used for storage purposes. Whether you have a large or small space to utilize for storage purposes, a compact room without proper organization can feel jumbled and cluttered. Interior designers recommend the creative use of cabinets and shelving as the best storage options, and especially where space is limited. If you have essentials such as decorative items that you enjoy seeing every time, open shelves provide space-saving storage and easy access for such items.

Cabinets provide open and closed storage for a variety of items besides providing privacy for such items. Consider using cabinets with adjustable shelves so you adjust storage space for different-sized items without cluttering. If you have a small space in the bedroom, consider using vertical-inclined utilities such as a tall vanity or choosing a tall dresser rather than horizontal-inclined items which tend to occupy much of the valuable floor space. Also, consider utilizing the space beneath the stairs for storage using storage-fitted compartments.
display caseDisplay
Most homes are filled with decorative items such as accolades and souvenirs acquired over time but these too require their own display space. If you have a large collection of mementos and other decorative objects that need a show-off display, consider using floating shelves which can be rotated to reveal decorative items in different views. In fact, you can use floating shelves with almost anything which gives you the freedom to have different displays and looks of the vignette while keeping your wall intact.
If you would like to achieve a unique look with floating shelves consider staggering them in an unconventional style. You can also use a customized tray such as a stencil-styled tray to add a little pizzazz to your display, especially on entryways and staircases. One decorative item that works wonders in enhancing a small space is a mirror. You can hang a large mirror across the window in the living room, dining space or in the bedroom to greatly enhance a small space.

Use of Colors
Colors are magical but it all depends on individual’s preferences, trends and how well you can use them in interior design. If you live in a rental apartment and you can’t paint the walls, being creative with colors by splashing a new hue of paint on other items such as a nightstand or bed frame can be just as impactful as tastefully painted walls. If you don’t like the shade on the bathroom tile, try applying your favorite twinge of colors such as blue-green on a powder blue tile to replace the room’s main hue. The trick to taming a mono-bold color theme is by balancing it with pops of other harmonious colors on other items and objects in the room such a coffee table, chair rail, shelves or a fireplace.color use