Tips for Tasteful Arrangement of Furniture

Tasteful Furniture arrangementHome decor is a recognized art and although there are many ways of arranging furniture, achieving style and class in furniture arrangement requires more than just space and furniture. Whether at home or office, getting your furniture arrangement right and flawless may require proper use of available space, furniture decoration trends, style, and tips. Many homeowners will agree that they had to overcome initial trials and errors to get their furniture set up right. There is no arrangement that’s more superior to another; it all depends on a host’s taste and aesthetic preferences.

Here are some tips for tasteful furniture arrangement.

Consider the Available SpaceConsider available space Table
An empty space that requires furniture setup can be as challenging as a space full of furniture.  With so many ways of arranging, how do you figure out which space to use and where not to put things? The basic rule is to prioritize your choices and preferences against the available space. How the room will be used and the number of people who will use the room is a prime indicator of the type of furnishings required for the room. Consider the seating arrangement and the walkways within the room so you can decide where to (or not to) place things. A better way to achieve this is by first creating a plan of the arrangement on graph paper or a digital room planner prior to moving the actual furniture.

The Center of Interest
modern Lounge furniture designWhile arranging your space, the end expectation is an interior decor that depicts a professional design with look and feel that goes with your taste. Most home decor experts recommend identifying the room’s focal point such as a television place, fireplace or a particular window view before placing the furniture in a room. Identifying the center of interest in a room dictates the orientation of the furniture arrangement and the general view of the room. Large pieces of furniture such as sofas and beds should be placed first and should orient to the room’s focal point accordingly. Also, consider the distance between the furniture. For example; to facilitate conversation, sofas or chairs should not be placed more than 8 feet apart.

Keep Clear WalkwaysKeep walkways clear

No matter how small space is, always try to keep clear walkways within a room.

One way to achieve this is by floating furniture off the walls to create clear paths with a symmetrical arrangement.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of extra-large space to use in a room. In that case, it is recommended that you reduce the number of items and furnish the room with only what you need rather than having a room that is full of obstructions.

Convenience Arrangement
Television conenience arrangementWhatever furniture arrangement you choose, remember to maintain the ease of use within the room. If you have a television set in the room, keep it at an ideal distance; usually at a distance of three times the size of the set. Tables should be placed within reach of every seat and the distance between the sofas and coffee table should provide sufficient legroom.

Basically, there should be a little space between each sofa, not only to provide breathing room but also to create a virtual space within the room.

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