Modern Home Interior Design, The Trend, the Fireplace, the Furniture

modern-interior-design-trends-2The trend in home interior designs and concepts has been in a constant flux owing to the increased demand in modern designs and unique home décor. Today, it doesn’t matter if you have a new or an older home; the trend is to create a contemporary, fresh feel in your home and of course, be on the trend. So, do you have to break your bank to be “on-the-trend” with the current home décor? Absolutely not, you can choose from low-end to high-end designs and there are more than enough modern choices to complement your needs for home interior designs. Whether you dream of splashing your living room with neon colors or blending 1950s-inspired furniture with modernity, the only limit is your inspiration!

Trend in Interior Designs

With the ever changing trends in interior design concepts, you don’t have to get stuck with an out-of-fashion home décor in the wrong era. You can gradually change your home interiors and be up-to-date with the home fashion. Alternatively, you can plan a total home makeover with some awesome designs. For example, you can start by replacing the worn rugs with more trendy ones that create an instant lift in your living room, such as chevron designed rugs with geometric patterns and fresh colors. The basic idea is that being in trend with interior home décor needn’t be expensive, as long as it creates the desired feel.

Colors: One inexpensive trend in home interior design that you can grab and actualize in no time is to play with the world of colors. For many years, homeowners have chosen the traditional and acceptable colors for their interiors. How about being bold with colors that make a statement? The trend in home color decorations is to go for colors that evoke emotions such as crimson reds, vibrant blues, and even cool greens. Go overboard with colors and don’t ever be afraid to mix things up. One way of bringing out the subtle accents in your living space is to blend colors with pale wood or classic furniture and fixtures. The blend always seems to create an eclectic style and the perfect balance, a trend in interior design that rarely goes out-of-date!

home interiorFurniture and Fixtures: Whether you are the proud owner of a mansion or you live in a studio apartment, you can never have enough design with space and furniture. The trend is to have just enough furniture and fixtures and leave the rest of the space for your own creativity. A small lamp on a coffee table creates an aesthetic inspiration, better than a living room that is filled up with end tables and coffee tables. Most homeowners make the mistake of religiously following home décor trends, always redesigning their home space to mirror the current trends without giving room for their own creativity. While it feels good to have a home that is ‘on-trend’, being creative with your home space creates a purposeful feeling that can last for years.

Fireplaces: Home interior design has gradually changed with modern decorative designs which have completely changed the world of home fashion. Take a fireplace, for example, it looked out-of-fashion only a few years ago but home interior designs with decorative vent less fireplaces and bio ethanol inserts are currently some of the hotly sought interior design concepts. Even the apartment renters who never thought they can enjoy the pleasure of a fireplace are now spoilt for choices. Architects and home decorators can now have the freedom and security to create unique fireplace designs.


Bio Ethanol Vent less Fireplaces: Home décor keeps on changing as designers discover new materials, concepts or technologies which are better than what is currently being offered on the market. Designs and concepts that were fresh and inspiring some years back may not necessarily be classy today. Advanced technology has made it possible for installation of unconstrained and smart bio ethanol fireplaces as part of the latest addition to interior design. Just when homeowners thought they were done with fireplaces, the modern fireplace has come back to add warm pleasure, not only in the living room but also in other living spaces.

modern fireplace living room design 2016Most people would think of bio ethanol fire use is a truly novel idea. The truth is that ethanol has been in use for many years, lighting ancient lanterns and being applied in other fire applications. Nevertheless, the popularity of a bio ethanol fireplace is on a high lately owing to better technology and modern fascinating designs. These types of modern fireplaces provide homeowners with added freedom to enjoy the warmth and pleasure of fire, unlike the old-fashioned fireplaces. The classic fireplace requires a chimney, produces dangerous fumes, is unsafe and occupies much of the living room space.

The current designs of ethanol fireplaces such as a decorative bio ethanol ventless fireplace, are crafted from high-quality steel with no need for a chimney or being worried about dangerous fumes. The current concept of fireplaces requires a simple construction with improved preferences such as having the fireplace being mobile. With ethanol fireplaces, you can have your fire on the wall (wall mounted fireplaces), patio, floor-standing, on tabletops, indoors or outdoors. One great advantage of these current fireplaces is the freedom to move them around, especially when you need to change the home décor.

When you compare the new crop of fireplaces versus the classic ones on efficiency, the ethanol fireplace is better, with clean and eco-friendly fuel burning, unlike burning wood. In fact, the end product of ethanol burning is minimal vapor and carbon dioxide that is insignificant to the amount of air in a room. You won’t have soot or ashes on the walls or ceiling either, just clean and magical flames that plop warmth into your living space with added flexibility and ease of use.

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