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Survivor Network

Survivors Taking A New Direction

STAND is a network created by survivors around the state of Indiana and coordinated by the Director of Victim Advocacy at the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault. The purpose of STAND is to provide a forum for survivors to join together in a united voice to speak out against all forms of sexual violence in our communities.

Each year we hold a Walk in My Shoes Survivors Mini-Conference in order to bring the survivors together for a day and a half of wonderful speakers, networking and many other activities to refresh and empower.  As part of the mini-conference we also collaborate with one another to create STAND’s agenda for the upcoming year.

Some of our current goals include:

  • Educating the media on reporting sexual violence
  • Policy changes such as pushing for an offenders’ prior record being available during the court process and,
  • Getting more involved in cases around the state of Indiana.

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual violence and would like to be a part of STAND please contact Leslie N. Culbertson at or 317-423-0233 ext 15.