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The Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault (INCASA) believes that sexual assault is a violent crime of power and domination that can be perpetrated against all persons, and that the healing of victims cannot be separated from the healing of society. INCASA is part of that society, and it recognizes that it must continually reassess its own attitudes and consciousness.

Our Purpose

INCASA views itself as an organization working toward the elimination of sexual assault and realizes that its most important goal must be to achieve its own non-existence.

The Vision of INCASA

To change social norms that perpetuate sexual violence and abuse.

Mission Statement

INCASA empowers professionals, survivors and communities to end sexual violence and abuse in Indiana through expertise, education, advocacy and support.

INCASA Values:

  • Lives free of sexual violence and abuse
  • A survivor-centered approach
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals
  • Education and training
  • Evidence-based public policy
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Accountability to our stakeholders

Company Profile

In April 1986, thirty people from throughout Indiana gathered in Indianapolis to address the needs of victims of rape statewide and to network with other service providers by sharing experiences, knowledge and resources. That first meeting, initiated by Sex Offense Services, South Bend, became the impetus for INCASA. Later meetings produced goals, by-laws, membership requirements, dues, and in 1987, the Coalition incorporated. INCASA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in good standing with the Secretary of State.

INCASA Organizational Chart


  • Interim INCASA CEO —  Jessica White
  • Janet Brown, Director of Membership
  • Kassandra Adams, Director of Training and Development –
  • Kristen Pulice, LCSW, Director of Primary Prevention and Education —
  • Director of INCCA and Community Outreach —
  • Leslie Culbertson, Director of Internal Operations —
  • Director of Media and Public Relations —
  • Kelly Gartland, Director of Victim Advocacy
  • Director of Administration and Faith Initiatives
  • Karen Duncan, Director of Community Engagement
  • Brian E. Guerre, MSW, Director of PREA and Mental Health Services —

Board of Directors

  • Marita Bower, A Fighting Chance Rape Prevention and Self Defense for Women
  • David Orentlicher, IU School of Law
  • Doug Cummins
  • Joyce Schooley
  • Dianne Weiss
  • Jennifer Wolter
  • Sara Johnson
  • Barbara Hayes
  • Debra Uhl
  • Paul Lang